Embrace the Magic of Christmas Dining at KIRA: A Festive Feast Awaits

As the holiday season draws near and the air becomes crisp with the promise of snow, there’s no better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than by indulging in a Christmas dining experience like no other. At KIRA in Bollington, Cheshire, we invite you to embrace the magic of the season with a festive feast that promises to delight your taste buds and create unforgettable memories.

A Culinary Wonderland

At KIRA, we’ve crafted a Christmas dining experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Our festive menus, available from December 2nd, are designed to cater to every palate and budget. Starting from just £20 per person and going up to £45 per person, our range of options ensures that you can celebrate the season with us in a manner that suits your preferences. View the Christmas Season Menu.

Festive Flavours Galore

What makes Christmas dining at KIRA truly special is the exquisite array of flavours that we have to offer. From traditional favourites to contemporary creations, our festive dishes are a testament to the culinary artistry of our chefs. Imagine savouring the rich, warm flavours of a Christmas feast, expertly prepared to ensure each bite is a celebration of the season.

A Feast for All

At KIRA, inclusivity is a core value, and our Christmas menus reflect this commitment. We understand that dietary requirements vary, and we want every guest to enjoy our festive offerings. That’s why we’ve carefully curated vegetarian and other dietary requirement menus, ensuring that there’s something for everyone at every price point. We believe that Christmas dining should be a shared experience that transcends dietary preferences and restrictions.

Celebrity Guest Chef Appearance – Anurag Aggarwal – Master Chef 2023 Finalist Joins Us!

Join us on the 14th and 15th of December for an extraordinary culinary experience as we host Anurag Aggarwal, one of the Top 3 finalists from Master Chef 2023. Anurag will be showcasing his culinary prowess by preparing a 5-course tasting menu featuring the winning dishes that impressed the world. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that promises to tantalise your taste buds and leave you with a memorable dining experience.

Reserve Your Seat

As the Christmas lights twinkle and the air resonates with the joyous melodies of the season, there’s no better place to celebrate than at KIRA. We invite you to join us in Bollington for a Christmas dining experience that will captivate your senses and warm your heart.

Whether you’re planning a festive family gathering or a cheerful celebration with friends, KIRA is the perfect setting for your Christmas festivities.

At KIRA, we’re excited to play a part in making your holiday season truly special. So, come join us in celebrating the magic of Christmas through an unforgettable dining experience. We look forward to sharing the joy and flavours of the season with you.

Warm regards and Merry Christmas,
The KIRA Team