Inspired by the flavours and colours of her Bengaluru home in India, Sunitha Southern has absorbed a host of other influences to create her own unique cuisine which is as fresh & effervescent as the chef herself.

She came to England in 2016 and started to cook because she missed the flavours and dishes of her homeland. She trained initially in local cafes, but it soon became clear she wanted to go her own way: setting up on her own, she worked first as a pop-up chef,
private chef and then opened her own mobile restaurant in 2020 – THE INDIAN GOAT FOOD TRUCK – in Bollington, Cheshire.

Sunitha Southern Chef at KIRA in Bollington Cheshire

Featured in both the Guardian and the Sunday Times, Sunitha’s blend of indigenous and classic dishes from all corners of India (with a modern twist) attracted the attention of the Hairy Bikers – the celebrity chefs famed for tracking down rising culinary stars for their highly popular TV show. 

They booked to come back for a film shoot over a couple of hours for their ‘Go North’ tour in 2021 – and stayed all day, talking, cooking – and eating! – with Sunitha as they shared their mutual passion for innovative flavours, cooked to perfection.

Now Sunitha is embarking on the next stage of the adventure: with KIRA, she has realised her vision: to inject a new energy into Indian dining in this part of the world by cooking and serving uncomplicated, unpretentious, delicious food, prepared by a team who love what they do. She explains: ‘I have named my first restaurant ‘KIRA’ because it is from the heart, a beam of light bringing new hope and it also has strong ties to nature – we use only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. ‘The emphasis is on reinvigorating and enhancing the entire dining experience: we are committed to providing the best quality we can, making every guest feel special.’ KIRA will dare to steer away from the norm, a fine dining experience that is distinctive, sensual and exciting – come and enjoy!